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Deportation and Removal Defense

Need help fighting removal/deportation?

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Are you or someone you know currently facing deportation?

Recently, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has stepped up its efforts to find and arrest undocumented aliens, and persons who have up until recently been able to work and avoid immigration consequences have been getting arrested at an alarming rate. Many of these persons are being detained by ICE in local prisons and federal detention centers pending a trial before an Immigration Judge. People who are detained by ICE may be eligible for bond (the immigration equivalent of bail) if they are not a danger to persons or property and there is some form of relief open to them. It is important that they or a family member contact our attorney to discuss their case and see if there are forms of available to allow them to remain in the United States either temporarily or permanently.

Persons in immigration court may be facing a number of circumstances that require special consideration, including:

  • Out of status or no immigration status (You entered across the border)
  • Criminal issues
  • Use of fraudulent documents to obtain entry into the United States (or some other benefit)
  • An application has been denied and you need court review
  • You are filing an application to try to remain in the United States
  • Detained/Arrested and Seeking a Bond (Bail)

Sometimes permanent residents are put into removal (deportation) proceedings as well for committing certain crimes. If you have been placed in removal proceedings you need the help of an experienced immigration attorney. Removal proceedings are initiated when the government has reason to believe a person is present in the United States without the right to be here. Removal proceedings begin when you receive a Notice to Appear.

Often removal proceedings are initiated simply because you are present in the United States without status, but other times, the government may believe you have committed a crime which might take away your status. While not everyone can remain in the United States, many people have relief available to them that allows them to stay here in the United States. There may be relief available to you or your loved one! Our immigration attorney has years of experience dealing with the immigration courts and is an expert in navigating the court process.