We devote a part of our practice to condominium association representation. Many people choose to live in condos because of their affordability compared to home ownership and their convenience regarding maintenance. Condos can offer a great way to own and manage property, but they can also present unique challenges when there’s a breakdown in cooperation. At the Law Offices of Jacob D. Geller, LLC, we represent condo associations in the following matters:

  • Forming of condominium associations
  • Writing condominium association bylaws
  • Taking legal action against unit owners who fail to meet their obligations, e.g. by not paying fees
  • Defending unit owners from legal action by the condo association
  • Filing lawsuits on behalf of a unit owner(s) against the condo association
  • Representing condo associations in matters before city and state government, e.g. by requesting building permits or variances
  • Dissolving condo associations